Find Out How You Can Profit From The Biggest 
Home  Service Technology Disruption Ever!
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Learn How You Can Profit From the Biggest Home Service Technology Disruption Ever!
Paint this picture.
You invested a lot of hard-earned money on things like direct mail, Google Ads and on your website. Then, your find your neighbor getting more clients than you just by using platforms like Thumbtack and Amazon Home Services.

That sucks right...

Amazon is reshaping how we do business. And that’s a good thing. Do you remember the time when you posted your services on the yellow pages and drank some coffee while waiting for a landline call? What about door-to-door canvassing? Have you ventured on Sunday newspaper ads?

The good news is, these days are gone. You must be able to quickly adapt if you want to survive.

My question is… have you?

Angie’s List and Craigslist came out in 1995. Were you prepared for it?

HomeAdvisor launched in 1998. Thumbtack in 2005. Amazon Home Services in 2015.

Are you ready for it?

If you are like most mortals, you goofed off on opportunities like Facebook Ads when the cost-per-click was around 5 cents, or SEO before all the updates.

And you probably have a “lucky friend” who saw the opportunity and hit the jackpot, while you kept running around your tail doing the same thing over and over again.

Don’t goof off on this one… Be the “lucky friend” everyone speaks about.

Unfortunately, I can’t brag about being that friend… I missed these opportunities as well.

But the realization of the upside led me to take action on all new opportunities out there.

The reality? Most of them won’t work, and you will be discouraged.

If you haven’t been paying attention — Amazon is taking aim at the entire Professional Services industry. A company that built a $1 trillion business selling books and clothing has decided to use its influence and buying power to sell home services to Amazon customers.

Just ask someone in retail how Amazon impact businesses… Toys R Us? Sports Authority? RadioShack? Grocery Foods?

Your customers live on Amazon. They own Kindles, Prime accounts, Alexa-enabled ECHO devices, and that's where they buy their furniture, paint, and AC units too!

Did you know that Amazon automatically suggests installation right after a purchase like these?

Would you cherish the opportunity for Amazon to sell your services to Amazon customers who live in the geographical area where you offer professional services?

Would you like to get rid of your Accounts Payable Clerk and bad debts?

Your customers trust Amazon. So should you…

My company currently generates $32 million dollars per year in revenue, and I am not frightened about losing my business to Amazon.
Want to know why?

Because I diversified my lead generation sources. I wrap all my vehicles, develop my SEO, run paid ads, perform PR stunts, and everything else you can dream of.

I also receive tons of leads from services like Amazon Home Services and HomeAdvisor. They take a cut on our services — so does advertising, sales teams, and SEO.

You may not want to hop on Amazon Home Services because you either think it’s just a trend, your customers rather explore Google and Yelp, or you believe that taking a cut on your services is just not fair…
But what will happen when your competition hops on Amazon?

Do you remember what happened to taxi drivers when they rebelled on Uber?

Every time you set your company’s desires over your customer’s wants, you will lose.

Think like your customer. Amazon is trusted, convenient, and fast.

Compare your current lead generation method to Amazon’s 24 x 7 virtual assistant…

You want to be on Amazon.

The Amazon Home Services Course
Here is what you will get...
Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Seller Account
I know! Figuring out how to set up your account can be a pain in the a** sometimes. So we recorded videos to show you exactly how to do it. 
  • Apply in just a few mins: Live video application so you can see how to get it done.  
  • Set up checklist: checklist to not let you miss any steps during the registration. 
  • Pro-tip: We'll also show you how to offer different prices for services based on the location.
Don't waste your time trying to figure out how to set up your account. Let us guide you through our videos so that you can spend your time on what you do best: work on your business!
Start Using The Power of Amazon to Grow Your Business.
Detailed Guide On How To Manage Your Jobs
Now that you have an account, it's time to manage the new jobs that will come through Amazon. In this section, we'll show you exactly how to do that.  
  •  Manage Orders: See at a glance all of the claim-based jobs you are working on.
  •  Respond to Estimates: How to create and submit a custom price for a specific job in the Requests to Estimate section.
  •  Understanding the Reports Tab: How to see all your payments and taxes you have to pay. 
  •  Troubleshooting with your customers: How to provide support to your customers through Amazon.
Start Using The Power of Amazon to Grow Your Business.
Tommy's Strategy to Get a Ton of 5-Star Reviews
Like HomeAdvisor or Yelp, on Amazon your reviews are also important. In this section, we'll show you how to get a ton of 5-star reviews for your Amazon Seller Account.
  • The Most Important Factor: The one key thing that will define if you're going to get a 1-star or 5-star review on Amaozn.
  • The Subliminal Strategy: How Tommy's technicians use this strategy to ask AND Get 5-star reviews from customers.
  •  Offering the right incentives: Even though you're not allowed to give gifts in exchange for a review, there's a way to give people incentives to encourage them to leave a 5-star review.
  •  Turning a 1-star into a 5-star: How to turn an upset customer into a raving fan, and get them to change their 1-star into a 5-star review. 
Start Using The Power of Amazon to Grow Your Business.
WAIT! There is more!
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There is one other way Amazon is disrupting your business: It's Called ALEXA!
Voice-activated search is changing the way your clients will search and find your business. Alexa is Amazon’s voice-activated personal assistant.
  •  In January 2019, Amazon's devices team announced that they had sold over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices.
  •  In 2019 - industry experts predict 40% of your clients will use voice-activated search to find a local service provider.
  •  Alexa smart speakers put the power of Amazon in your car and in your living room.
Instead of going to and typing “Roofing Contractor, Hays, Kansas” in the Google search bar- your clients will just say “Alexa: Find a roofing contractor in Hays, Kansas”. And you better be among the solutions that Alexa will suggest to your clients. “Alexa - find me a roofing contractor in Hays, Kansas.”

Voice-activated search is a game changer for your business.
Start Using The Power of Amazon to Grow Your Business.
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